Just to be clear…

Lavandera does not–and will not–wash your clothes. Neither are we in any way affiliated with your laundry shop nor the shop we entrust our clothes to.

Philippine’s First

Lavandera.ph is the country’s first tracking system exclusively designed for laundry shops and laundry shop owners, and all who avail of laundry services–singles, couples, families, and businesses (hotels, dormitories, hospitals, salons, catering, etc.).

  • For shop owners – More than a value-added service feature your customers will appreciate (based on our survey), Lavandera helps streamline your day-to-day laundry service operations (tracking, recording, and verifying laundry items of each of your patrons). Drop us a line so we can walk you through it.

  • For customers – Finally, what you’ve been waiting for! A systematic way of keeping track of the laundry items you entrust to the village or dormitory laundry shop, or the hotel housekeeping.

Methodical Technologies

Lavandera is a brainchild of Third Row, an I.T. Solutions company capitalizing on modern technology to develop solutions that aim to put in place systems that streamline the otherwise un-methodical and oftentimes un-secure processes that business owners and consumers alike have been used to.

Our Story

“My whole bunch of whites went missing…” relates one of our friends, referring to his white long-sleeve polos, shirts, towel, and socks seemingly worn by the laundry shop leprechaun. Further ranting ensued. Then, a brilliant idea.

We’ll cut it short with “…and the rest is history” but you can read the full story on the Lavandera blog.

Find and Share our Shops

Looking for an alternative laundry shop? Or scouting for one near your new place? We can help! Use the Search Bar or refer to the Map Feature to find laundry shops that may be conveniently near your place.

Staying temporarily in another city? No worries! The same intuitive map will mark laundry shops
within your reach, the moment you go to Lavandera.ph.