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  • We've heard the story before.

    Lost clothes. Mismatched socks. Wrong clothing items. The horror! Truth is, most, if not all, laundry shops don't really have a way to systematically track these discrepancies. Not until Lavandera came in the picture.

    Lavandera.ph seeks to address such scratch-in-the-head issues through a system that allows the shop owner and the customer to keep track of their laundry.

  • Lavandera's Blog

    Turning a problem into a solution: good.
    Making that solution happen: great.

    Read on and learn how Lavandera's founders built up Lavandera.ph--from a frustrating realization of common laundry shop problems, to an ingenious engineering of a corresponding solution. Read more

  • Lavandera's Help

    In a nutshell, Lavandera puts structure and order to the everyday processes of laundry operations. We'd like help both the laundry shop owners and their patrons that way. So, whichever side of the fence you're on, Lavandera will not only be useful but be highly relevant.

    You'll find out more as you read our HELP section.


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